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Skateboard Photographers – Brent Shipley


Where are you currently located / living?

I live in Melbourne, Australia, moved from Christchurch, New Zealand in 1988.

Age / how long have you been involved with photography?

I am 49, having my 50th at BowlARama Wellington in Feb 2014. I have been doing skateboard photography since 1980 & consistently since 2010.

What type of cameras do you shoot with?

I have been using a Sony NEX5N & NEX6 Mirrorless Camera (recommended by Dean Tirkot)

Favourite photography accessory other than your camera?

My LowePro Slingshot bag because I can carry it and quickly take my gear out without taking it off & my remote flashes.


If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

My NEX 16mm, because I can put a fisheye converter on it. Can change from wide to Fisheye in seconds. Both being important in taking close hand rail, bowl & ramp shots.

What makes a skate photograph original and unique: basically what is your idea of a good photo?

90% of my shots are not set up so I feel its important to know what the skaters are going to do next, so you can be in the right place, right time. I also feel a variety of shots is important to keep people interested in your photos. I even like to include spectators in many of my pictures to give the viewer a feeling of what its like to be there. In others I try to fill the frame without missing anything, especially with a fisheye, But tell the skater before the real close shots. I also like to exploit what the environment might have to offer, architecture, landscapes & sun or moonlight.

Name the first photographer that comes to your mind and why?

Jim Goodrich, a legend of skateboard photography & a pioneer, whom we all have learned from & a great guy to cap it. Also Australian David Pang, an amazing photographer I fully respect.

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about skateboard photography?

For me being a peasant, the money to go to places to shot in different cities & countries, it’s very important to me to travel to be where it’s happening. So many skateboard photographers do a lot of work for little return. But I’m not in it for the money, I’m into it cause skateboarding is it for me, it’s life, 37 years skateboarding & counting! Skate or Die!

Any references you may have (past and present photography work) and/or your relation to skateboarding

Mongo skater, traveled to USA, Mexico, Bali, Australia & New Zealand.

Worked at Cheapskates in New Zealand (Manager Takapuna) 1980′s, (like to thank owner Frank Edwards for supporting skateboarding thru the 1970′s to 2000), Snake Pit Skate Shop Melbourne 1988-89, Streetwear 1989, Hardcore Enterprises Melbourne (Globe) 1989-91. Manager at SKB Photography on Facebook. Successful campaigner for the long fight for St Kilda Skate Park Australia.

Published in Transworld Skateboarding Japan (thank you Sammy Hewson for translation & interviews), Heelside Magazine Australia, Dickies Clothing Blog, Goliath Australia Blog, Bowl Riders Australia & Rad Mag RI*OT!

Contact information:
Email: buzzsawbaby@gmail.com
Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoobsSkate














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  2. From top
    1 Felipe Foguinho, Melon 540, Wellington
    2 Bucky Lasek, No Comply, Bondi
    3 Matty Taylor tail bone Rye Victoria
    4 Rune Glifberg Backside ollie as Pedro watches, Bondi.
    5 Matt Fenton, Crail slide, Bondi corner.
    6 Renton Millar 50 St Kilda skate park.
    7 Jim Parry, Transfer big bowl to mini bowl, St kilda Skate Park.
    8 Tas Pappas, frontside air, Prahran ramp.
    9 Morph backside transfer, St Kilda Skate Park.
    10 Tim Mirabello layback frontside rock’n'roll slide, St Kilda Skate Park
    11 Bucky Lasek, Nollie 360 indy kickflipl, Bondi.
    12 Pedro Barros, Fakie Stalefish, Wellington.
    13 Sky Siljeg, Madonna, Wellington.

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