Skateboard Photographer Marie Dabbadie

Marie Dabbadie

Finally we have been able to add our THIRD female skateboard photographer as a member of the United Skateboard Photography Project. Welcome Marie Dabbadie with her great photos and work!

Where are you currently located / living?

I’ve been living in Copenhagen (Denmark) since last summer. I come from the south west of France.

How old are you and how long have you been involved with photography?

I am 21 years old. I’ve been taking pictures for 4 years now.

Diego Fiorese - Faelledparken CPH
Skater: Diego Fiorese – Faelledparken Copenhagen, Denmark

What type of camera do you shoot with?

I have a 5d mark II with 50 mm lens, 15 mm and 20 mm lenses. I also shoot analog with a Canon AE-1 and 50 mm. I used to shoot with an old Zenit.

What is your favorite photography accessory other than your camera?

I don’t really need a lot. I don’t like to carry a photo bag with me. I just make a decision of which lens and which camera to bring before I leave. You can barely see that I have photo gear with me when I go around. I just want to be able to take a photo in the next 30 seconds after I decided to shoot instead of loosing myself into a bag.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

I would choose a Canon 50mm 1:8 for many reasons. It’s a really cheap lens so if I break it I won’t freak out. I can use it without flash in almost any circumstances and get a really good light. It’s a really good lens for any kind of situation and it gives you the vision of a human eye. Most of all, If a trick looks sick through that lens, it means that the trick is REALLY sick.

Melvin Abdou Salam - Caserne de Niel DIY - Bordeaux France
Skater: Melvin Abdou Salam – Caserne de Niel DIY – Bordeaux, France

What makes a skate photograph original and unique: basically what is your idea of a good photo?

Basically a good skate photograph have to be technical for me but that’s because I’m really exigent with myself about framing and lines. It has to have a good composition and the trick must be in harmony with the place which is skated so you can see the movement of the trick and its performance.

But I also think that you can do really good pictures sponteanously without thinking too much.

Name the first photographer that comes to your mind and why?

Fred Ferand ! I really love his way to shoot because he is really close to the skater and cheering up a lot. Also, Fred is ready to take a plane to take pictures of skaters he really loves and to have a good time.

Melvin Abdou Salam - Bordeaux Chartrons - France
Skater: Melvin Abdou Salam – Bordeaux Chartrons – France

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about skateboard photography?

I don’t feel any challenge in skateboard photography. I am just challenging myself to take the pictures I want to see. It’s just about being at the right place at the right moment.

References you have (past and present photography work) and/or your relation to skateboarding

Last year from April to August, I went on a trip by myself to take some pictures of skatergirls around Europe (Barcelona, Basque Country, London, Birmingham, Bristol,Paris, Marseille, Copenhagen,..). I went to skatecamps, contests and cities. I had to pay a room just once when I was on a transition flight in Bristol but anywhere else there was somebody really nice to open their door to me ; from the girls of the Llamborda in Barcelona where I stayed a month, to Jenna Selby in St Albans (uk), to the Suzzies in Marseille and Maka in the best place ever (Capitan Tximista) in Basque Country and others. Xavier Lannes from the website I Skate Therefore I am also helped me to get some media passes to big contests and I was writing for him. These 5 months of travel where really great. I never really get a ticket to come back from any place I went to. I always found good people and more reasons to stay. Actually, I never really came back from that trip as I moved to Copenhagen just after.

To sum up, I had a lot of great skate sessions, took a lot of pictures I love and met amazing people I hope to see again.

These days, with my freak partner Maria Lima, we are doing videos under the name of Freaks and recently made some colorful tee shirts with handmade logos. We don’t really have any explanation yet. Mainly, it’s to try to inspire people to skate as they want, with different tricks or not and finally, to have fun. You can see the videos on Maria’s Youtube Channel here :

Contact information

Email: marie.dabbadie[at]

Angi and Julia Wilshusen - La Kantera - Spain
Skater: Angi and Julia Wilshusen – La Kantera – Spain

Anthony Mura - St Jean d'Illac - DIY de Lolo
Skater: Anthony Mura – St Jean d’Illac – DIY de Lolo

Aura Bredart - Covoland DIY - France
Skater: Aura Bredart – Covoland DIY – France

Etienne Bara - Caserne de Niel DIY - Bordeaux - France
Skater: Etienne Bara – Caserne de Niel DIY – Bordeaux – France

Flo - Pey Berlan - Bordeaux
Skater: Flo – Pey Berlan – Bordeaux

Jonas Ginger - CPH indoor
Skater: Jonas Ginger – CPH indoor

Julia skating and Maka running around - Hondarribia, Spain
Skaters: Julia skating and Maka running around – Hondarribia, Spain

Maria Lima - Lisboa - Portugal
Skater: Maria Lima – Lisboa – Portugal

Maria Lima - Norrebroparken CPH

Paul Austin - Lacanau - France
Skater: Maria Lima – Norrebroparken CPH

Pauliana Laffabrier - CPH indoor
Skater: Pauliana Laffabrier – CPH indoor

Sox - Marseille - DIY pool - France
Skater: Sox – Marseille – DIY pool – France

Wille - Wonderland - CPH
Skater: Wille – Wonderland – CPH