Skateboard Photographer Gorm Ashurst

Gorm Ashurst

Where are you currently located / living?

I currently reside in Croydonia, United Kingdom, we hardly riot here these days.

How old are you and how long have you been involved with photography?

I have been alive for 40 years so far, I have shot photos on and off through out my life, but got more serious about the whole shooting match round about 10 years ago.

Jonners - FS Grinder - Stockwell
Skater: Jonners – FS Grinder – Stockwell

What type of camera do you shoot with?

A Canon 5d MkII soul stealer, but I have a range of film cameras, and compacts I like to have with me.

What is your favourite photography accessory other than your camera?

My friends, I know that is not strictly a photography accessory, but they are mostly the subjects of my work and thus are accessory to the event of image creation. Other wise flashes, fisheye yada yada..

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

Fisheye, – fuck looking at the world straight eh?

Skater: Ivan

What makes a skate photograph original and unique: basically what is your idea of a good photo?

There are 100 ways to answer this question, what makes a girl beautiful? a sunset amazing, the world round? – But if you were to pressure me, I would say composition that helps tell the story of the trick, event or location.

Name the first photographer that comes to your mind and why?

Tim Leighton Boyce – his were the first skate photos I saw In R.A.D. Magazine in the mid 80s – and they always hyped me to go skate.

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about skateboard photography?

Having to be a skate coach to help someone attain the ability to roll away from a trick – part psychology, part bribery.

Chris Ault - FS Nose Grind - Southbank
Skater: Chris Ault – FS Nose Grind – Southbank

References you have (past and present photography work) and/or your relation to skateboarding

I co-edited and shot for the online zine: – now defunct, but is still online. These days I shoot to put a smile on my friend’s faces.

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Chris Ault - Tuck Knee
Skater: Chris Ault – Tuck Knee

Craig Questions - Wallie
Skater: Craig Questions – Wallie

Fraser Campbell - Melon
Skater: Fraser Campbell – Melon

French - Wallride - Farnbourgh
Skater: French – Wallride – Farnbourgh

Ivan - Heel Flip - Stockwell
Skater: Ivan – Heel Flip – Stockwell

James - inside a grain silo
Skater: James – inside a grain silo

Jerry - Kickflip - Croydon
Skater: Jerry – Kickflip – Croydon

Omar - lien to tail - Frankfurt
Skater: Omar – lien to tail – Frankfurt

Vernon - NBS - Essex
Skater: Vernon – NBS – Essex