Rich Lopez varial invertPhoto: Thomas Rowe

Amazing enough I only heard about and saw Rich Lopez just 2.5 years ago when I was at Vert Attack 8. And if you’ve seen him skate vert, you can understand that you just stop what you’re doing and watch him rip. I finally got some questions together to ask him and here it is – enjoy the style and high flying Rich! Thanks to Thomas Rowe, George Medina and Matt Condon for the photos and the video (if more photos turn up, I’ll add them it!)

Hi Rich! Thanks for taking the time out and being so patient with me! Let’s get this started with the basics: where do you come from/where do you live now, how old are you and what do you do besides skateboarding?

I am 46 years old. I was born in Cuba and I grew up in New Jersey. I now live in San Diego. When I’m not skateboarding I am flying RC helicopter, playing bass guitar or video games.

When did you first start skateboarding and how did it all come about?

I started skating 1986. I saw a neighborhood kid go by on his skateboard and it looked like fun. I knew I wanted one.
It was kind of like the beginning of the Bones Brigade days.

rich lopez stale fishPhoto by George Medina

What’s the secret behind getting older and shredding the vert ramp like you’re still a teenager?

I think the key to that is first of all luck. Then skate like 3 times a week. Never take time off unless injured and keep your fear in check. Try not to let tricks slip away and maybe learn a couple new ones.

Who sponsors you currently?

Moonshine Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels, Randoms Hardware, Bulletproof Shoelaces, 187 Pads and special thanks to my wife Angela, my brother Sanford, Elliot Sloan and Macki Vert Boy.

You’ve seen your fair share of ramps – what are some of your past and present favorite vert ramps and why?

My favorite ramps in this order and why:
> Elliots ramp aka Rockstar ramp: Perfect ramp – perfect spot
> Tjome ramp in Norway: Amazing ramp and people
> Tony’s Ramp: Also perfect
> Claremont YMCY ramp: Cool spot. Best team. Best sessions.
Need to make it to the Stockholm ramp.

Who’s skateboarding has lately been impressioning you a lot?

That’s a hard one. All of the guys I skate with are nuts.

Rich Lopez fs air - Thomas RowePhoto by Thomas Rowe

What’s your favorite skate trick(s) and are there tricks you still want to learn?

I love all 540s. Inverts and big airs. I do want to relearn a couple tricks, I have let some slip away like frontside lipslide revert or Indy 5s.

You made it to the Rumble at Ramona session this year: how would you describe this session and the atmosphere to those of us who weren’t there?

The Rumble is always fun and I live four minutes away from that ramp. It is pretty much a fun jam with friends on a challenging ramp. The crowd is lubricated and into it. Good times!

rich lopez - George Medina - 1Photos by George Medina

Vert skateboarding has developed a lot in the past years – mega ramps, crazy trick combos, padless riders ripping vert etc. What do you think is going to change in the next 10 years?

Too many changes. I don’t know.

You coming to Vert Attack 10? You know that everybody wants to see you there…

Yes, I’m going to Vert Attack X

Rich Lopez - Ramona 2015Photo by Thomas Rowe

Rich Lopez - Thomas RowePhoto by Thomas Rowe

rich lopez backside airPhoto by George Medina

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