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Derek Krasauskas is another skater I met two years ago at Vert Attack 8 in Sweden and he’s a guy you just don’t forget. Great attitude, funny and he’s still got a big bag of skate tricks. So it goes without saying that I’m stoked to present this interview with Derek. Big thanks to Thomas Rowe, Dan Sparagna and Jon Burgess for contributing their photos for this!

Let’s get this started first with: are you coming to Vert Attack X? We need you there!

I am trying my best to make it this year. Vert Attack is the purest event these days and everyone is so pumped to see a wide range of shredders from all over the globe. I love it!

DK - tuckknee invertPhoto by Jon Burgess

Okay, that’s out of the way…for everybody who doesn’t know Derek, please give us the starting basic facts: Where are you from, age, family status, favorite sock color, “favorite” person ranting on politics on Facebook?

Born, raised and still living in Baltimore Maryland. I had a sick Mom with MS and other major health issues since I was about 12 so it was important to be there for her so that was that. She has since passed but my roots are too deep at this point. Lol

I am currently 44 years old and have 3 great kids aged 10, 14 and 19. My son skates but my daughters do not though they love the fact that I do. I also just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary wife my wife Tanya.
Favorite sock color would be any pair of Fuel socks that I grab from the drawer. I cant deal with holes in my socks though…

As for Facebooking, I work in the I.T. field so I sit in front of the interwabs all day while also taking care of business. Many think I just fuck off all day but do not realize in between messing with people on the web that I am also making moves and keeping people working. My New Year’s resolution is to avoid political talk on FaceBook. It is the biggest waste of time. People are going to believe what they want and treat this shit like a soccer match or football game. That just sucks…

Derek K - Thomas RowePhoto by Thomas Rowe

When did you get into skateboarding and can you describe you’re first boards for us?

I have a brother 4 years older than me named Damon. I wanted to do everything he did. He was cool with it as long as I was the crash test dummy. We had some sibling battles in front of friends that were of epic proportions. I started off with the old Yellow Free Former but quickly got a wood deck, some orange Kripto 65s and the old GullWings with 2 axles per truck. This of course was me just copying whatever my brother had.

Where did you get you skateboards back then and what terrain were you skating at the time?

My older brother and cousin were skating in the alleys, the ditches and early concrete parks from the 70s. Vert is my passion these days but I was an all around skateboard mutt from the beginning. I actually made it to the NSA AM finals as a street skater before I made it as a vert skater 1988. We didn’t have much money so as far as boards and gear went, I pieced together what I could in between birthdays and shit where you could actually get new product.

dk - fs smith grindPhoto by Dan Sparagna

Who were your favorite skateboarders growing up? Who are they now?

I tend to enjoy skaters that seem to be enjoying themselves these days regardless of skill level. My local crew is pretty solid but I am also a floater of sorts. The Virginia Beach crew with Henry G are like brothers to me and the same goes for Tom Boyle, Darren Menditto and the northern crew. I cant stand uptight jock style skaters that size you up in a competitive way.. I had enough of that shit from team sports growing up..

These days I seriously get stoked on anyone trying to skate to the best of their ability. Seeing someone push a boundary for him or herself is awesome shit regardless of the “trick difficulty”.

Growing up and skating means music: When you were younger were you more in the punk scene,the hip-hop scene or something else? What gets you hyped these days

My music tastes? I went to tons of punk shows growing up as well as hip hop and metal. My session mixes go from GangStarr to The Kinks to Slayer to AC DC and everywhere in between. My Dad was always into good music so my brother and I kind of continued with his ways in that.. .. r.i.p. Dad.. (craziest person I ever met)

DK - slob fastplantPhoto by Jon Burgess

Like most of us, we all have our demons and problems we have to adjust to.You went through a serious phase with drinking and you fought your way out to continue living your life. How did this affect your view on life and especially on skateboarding? Was skateboarding a factor that helped you move on?

Addiction is a bitch and it runs and ran very deep in my family.. Every male on my dad’s side was or is either a junkie or an alcoholic.. (Keep an eye on that young crew because it can get you quick) I always partied since I was about 11 but something changed after a few bad things happened. Once my mom passed away, I broke my leg in 3 places. With addiction running wild in my family I chose to avoid the opiates when laid up since my dad and uncle were heroin guys and stick to booze. I went from beer to vodka and quickly was out of control ready to lose my family.

I wound up in 2 different in-house rehab centers and with the help of family, friends and a busy mind I have since been alcohol free for well over 3 years now. If you got it bad and think there is no way out please think again and give recovery a try. That said I have nothing against people that drink. Why should I? I am the one that fucked up my drinking game and not them…haha

You have a connection with Bucky Lasek – what’s the story behind that?

We are the best of friends, we are brothers.. He is the anal clean guy and I am the slob goofball. “The Odd Couple” but we both love to make fun of shit and always have so we are like that.He is one of my kids godfather and I am as well to his. We grew up skating the same ramp. I used to be pissed at him. I was the 14 – 15 golden boy of our scene until that jerk started ripping! Haha

Derek K - fs tailgrabPhoto by Thomas Rowe

Winter time in your (and my) part of the world means cold, wet and snowy conditions = go skate indoors. How far do you have to travel to skate vert indoors and where do you go (I’m guessing Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore…)? Got a group of vert buddies supporting you as well?

We do have Charm City Skatepark that has a good indoor vert ramp in the winter. I tend to be a cold weather quitter on outdoor skating once the temps get to the 40s Fahrenheit

From the looks of the skate photos (unless you’ve gotten really good at Photoshopping them) your skating is looking really good. How is your health and body handling the battering of the vert ramp? Do you do anything special to warm up or is it just in the ramp and go?

I stretch all the time even when not skating. My wife is a Yoga instructor as well so I get tips from her. My body hurts but I feel that happens anyway when you get old right? My body is pretty broken off and I feel I get more concussions being over 6ft.

DK - handplantPhoto by Dan Sparagna

Of course I’m always very interested in meeting skateboard photographers / videographers for the United Skateboard Photography Project. Do you have some good skate paparazzi attending the sessions on a regular basis?

We have Thomas Rowe, the crazy right wing republican, but he has a heart of gold. There is also Mr Mello himself Jon Burgess on the regular.

I keep seeing all of your car posts on FB – you seem to be quite happy about the new car. Have you given it a name and hug it secretly when no one is looking?

No names but cars have always been a guilty pleasure. I use them until they are dead so I go 12 years in between new vehicles but yes. Like Bucky, I enjoy cars and going fast in them. My kids always ask me to “Drive the way I drive” when we have their friends in the car with us. Lol

What are your favorite tricks and what are you currently trying to learn? If you have magic tricks, you can tell us those too…

Everyone tends to love my noseblunts. I enjoy doing them when it all pops and snaps right in front of your eyes. I also enjoy going as fast as possible and hitting my board hard. Once I start to slowdown I feel I am wasting my time and just bail..haha

DK - fs airPhoto by Jon Burgess

Who are you currently sponsored or supported by in skateboarding? I know you roll with Green Issue which is one damn good team!

Green Issue, Skeleton Key mfg., Fuel Clothing, Charm City Skatepark and Bucky Lasek. I also get support from Puma, Dakine, S1 Helmets, 187 Pads and Bones.. I also need to thank Isabel (you know who you are) for being my flight voucher fiery..

Dreams have to be there to hopefully live them some day: if you could go right now, which 3 – 5 skate spots / parks / ramps would you like to skate?

Hawks and DC now with the new layer..
Manchas Ramp in Vista
I miss real backyard pools but I tend to break bones on concrete as an old man
I honestly love skating our ramp. EastCoast, Backyard, Coool owner, Stereo and lots of shit talking .. Perfect.. Come join us Jonathan? (Jonathan answering back: sure would love to come over from Germany – just counting the money from the last bank robbery before I book my flight…)

Derek K - Handplant by Thomas RowePhoto by Thomas Rowe

What’s on your skate schedule for 2016?

Same as it ever was. I tend to be the best father to my 3 kids, the best husband to my wife of 20yrs Tanya and continue to enjoy my fountain of youth. SKATEBOARDING!!!

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