Skateboard Photographer Gage Hellyer

Gage Hellyer

It happens pretty often that I pocket option just discover a couple of really good skate photographs and I contact the photographer to ask if he/she wants to be involved with the United Skateboard Photography Project. And that’s exactly how easy it was with Gage Hellyer – here’s his project member page!

Where are you currently located / living?
Currently living in Phoenix, AZ.

Aaron Jaws Homoki - Kickflip transferSkater: Aaron Jaws Homoki – kickflip transfer Read more

What Is Happening – January 13th 2016

Just thought I’d get around to updating everybody on what is happening with the United Skateboard Photography Project and the ongoing planned hardback book print.

I finally got over 30 posters of high quality skateboard photos from several project members in the online shop which you choose (matte or gloss poster paper) and have delivered straight to your home anywhere in the world. Pretty cool! Just to pocket option demo account make sure the quality is great I have ordered several posters myself and they should arrive anyday now.

At the same time I’m creating some new logo graphics for the project so I can offer clothing for everybody to order and show their support for this project. And yes, the rumors are right – so that I can show my support for all of the photographers who have member pages, I will be creating online magazines featuring photography and interviews with the members to continue showing their great work.

So things are constantly moving forwards – right now I’m working on some minor visual fixes to the site AND contatcing 4 mor photographers who are very interested in being a part of this! Thanks to Lars Dalby for the photo above of Rune Glifberg which is also available here in the online shop!

Skateboard Photographer Craig Dodds

Craig Dodds

Where are you currently located / living?

Currently located in a small bedroom in Banbridge (Northern Ireland) still living with my rents. Banbridge is a very dismal place, little to no inspiration at all comes from here, most people are incredibly backwards towards skateboarding and most other creative things to do with young people. Granted we should be getting a concrete skatepark next year after over a decade of telling the council there has been more than enough interest, but like anything, I’ll believe it when I see it…

Lou Reed said it best to be honest “There is only one good use for a small town, you know that you want to get out…”. I’m lucky to have been able to see some of the world so far through skateboarding, San Francisco, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Toronto and plenty of others. My preferred place of residency for the mean while would be in Belfast where I spend a lot of my time as everyone I skate with is mostly from there but I still haven’t managed to make that plunge just yet.

Bobby Worrest - Switch FS FlipBobby Worrest – Switch FS Flip

How old are you and how long have you been involved with photography?

I’m 24 and first got involved in photography when I was about 15 skateboarding at the park with my friends in Newcastle when my family and I would stay in our caravan up there. They were the first group of skaters I met that had actual style to their skateboarding, some seriously talented and great people from there, sadly I don’t think most of them bother with it too much these days but if it wasn’t for meeting them I doubt I would have been inspired enough to be where I am today.

What type of camera do you shoot with?

I’ve shot with lots of different cameras over the years, from my first shitty compact digital camera to my Nikon D300 I’m using at the moment. I feel like I didn’t get time when I was younger to learn the true mechanics of photography as I didn’t know anyone who had the same interest that could have maybe shed some light.

I hate to say it but I was stuck on the automatic setting for about 2 years until I saved up for a Nikon D40. Everyone kept telling me for ages I should get an SLR but I never felt like I deserved such a great piece of equipment, haha but it really changed everything once I did. Recently I’ve been using a lot of film cameras experimenting with street/candid photography.

Gav Coughlan - Kicklip to Flat Gav Coughlan – Kicklip to Flat

What is your favourite photography accessory other than your camera?

Hmmm… that’s a toughy. Probably have to go with my PocketWizards, picked them up on a second hand website for less than half the price you’d usually pay for them, that was a good day. They really make the world of difference as well to your photos thanks to hyper syncing.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

I’m honestly not too sure, I have at least 6 cameras I’m using at the moment and always try to keep using different ones when I get the chance but the one I probably enjoy using the most is my 50mm 1.8 prime lens for my Nikon. Sam Ashley recommended me to it so I knew it was going to be something special.

What makes a skate photograph original and unique: basically what is your idea of a good photo?

I guess what truly makes a skate photograph original and unique would be the location and the trick but then again I suppose it’s how far that photographer is willing to go to get that possible once in a life time photo. The photographer who isn’t afraid to go the extra length to get that never before seen angle or spot, thinking a bit outside the box, not feeling embarrassed to climb up something or lye in a puddle of piss to get that all important angle.

Jonathan McConkey - Tail Drop 5050 Jonathan McConkey – Tail Drop 5050

Name the first photographer that comes to your mind and why?

Probably has to be Big Stu (Stuart Robinson) an OG skate photographer from Belfast. It was him that really made me want to start working more on what goes into a skate photo after a friend showed me his work. Was inspiring to see people so close to you were skating and taking better photos than half the ones getting ran in magazines. Was always sound to me and would give me advice on equipment. A true shentleman.

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about skateboard photography?

Where to begin… haha from making sure your mate doesn’t knock over your £100 flash, getting chased by scumbags trying to steal your stuff, the homie smashing you in the bake with his board, to skating all over the city with your heavy ass camera gear tugging away at your wee shoulders. Most challenging I’d have to say are those days where it just doesn’t seem to work… whether it be the spot, the skater, the angle, the trick, you just hate the photo and never want to look at it again. But challenges are what make things interesting and you’re always more appreciative when a good photo rolls around whether it be film or digital.

Conhuir Lynn - Nosebonk Conhuir Lynn – Nosebonk

References you have (past and present photography work) and/or your relation to skateboarding

I certainly count myself lucky to have had my work published by any of these amazing people. Growing up reading these magazines to finding out your mate and you have a photo in them, no greater feeling I’ve ever felt. So I’ll just say a massive thank you! Made dreams come true.

Sidewalk Magazine, A Brief Glance, The Skateboard Mag, Thrasher Magazine, Sugar Magazine, Lowcard, RedBull, Elcubocr Magazine, Wireless Skateboards.

Also just finished creating my first zine to do with the strange and beautiful encounters with people and places skateboarding leads you to in everyday city life. If anyone’s interested just drop me an email.

Contact information

Instagram – @duddle_it
Website –
Email –

Cian Eades - FS Blunt Cian Eades – FS Blunt

Gerard Keane - Polejam Fakie Gerard Keane – Polejam Fakie

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Marc Beggan - Switch Crooked Marc Beggan – Switch Crooked

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